1. Time recording

You can manage the working units in the tab Users. First you have to select the member. In the upper table all tasks of the member will be displayed. Then you have to select the task and in the lower table you can insert the working unit for the selected task. In the column To do you insert the estimated remaining effort. In the column Done you insert the actually done effort. You can only insert values for past and the current date. The column Planned shows the aggregated effort of the user for that day.

Figure 13. Time recording

Time recording

Figure 14. Tool tip of the working time of a member

Tool tip of the working time of a member

You can insert the working units of the sprint. If you assign the task to another sprit the previous inputs are visible in the product backlog view. Choose in the menu bar the menu ViewProduct backlog and choose in the tree view the task. In the tab Working date the table contains the working units of the task.

If you move the mouse pointer to the choice box you can see a tool tip. The tool tip contains the planned times of the member (see Figure 14, “Tool tip of the working time of a member?). If you execute a double click to a task you will change to the product backlog view and the task is selected.

[Note] Note

In the choice box only team members will be displayed that have assignments to tasks in the selected sprint.