JAST (version 0.7 or higher) is able to export reports to LaTeX. The generated reports use the KOMA script and TikZ. If you want to generate PDF files out of LaTeX files in Windows you can use MikTex. If you use Linux you can use TeX Live:

The dialog from Figure 33, “LaTeX settings? shows the settings for the document class, language, paper size and if you want to use one or double sided print.

Figure 33. LaTeX settings

LaTeX settings

If you generate a LaTeX report special characters will be replaced. The list is shown in Section 3, “Replacement of characters in LaTeX reports?. You can begin an itemization with an asterisk (*). The asterisk must be the first character in the line or only blanks or tabs are in front of the asterisk. The second level of itemization starts with a plus (+). The third level starts with a tilde (~).

If you insert the text from Figure 34, “Itemization? the LaTeX code from Figure 35, “Itemization in LaTeX? will be generated.

Figure 34. Itemization

* Item 1
  + Item 1.1
    ~ Item 1.1.1
    ~ Item 1.1.2
  + Item 1.2
* Item 2

Figure 35. Itemization in LaTeX

\item Item 1
\item Item 1.1
\item Item 1.1.1
\item Item 1.1.2
\item Item 1.2
\item Item 2