2. Weekly overview

The Figure 18, “Weekly overview? shows the weekly view of the appointments. With the arrow buttons at the top of the panel you can navigate weekly. You can insert a new appointment by selecting the range of time in the calendar and click the right mouse button and choose the menu item Add appointment. In the appearing dialog you can insert the title, the type, the description and the beginning and ending date.

All appointments in the view can be changed by moving it with the mouse. Appointments that last more than one day and feasts can not be moved by the mouse. If you want to change feasts you have to open OptionsSettings and select the tab Feasts. The color of the appointments can be changed via the options dialog, too.

[Note] Note

In this view the non working days won't be displayed. The weekly view is considered as help for planning the sprint meetings and other meetings.

Figure 18. Weekly overview

Weekly overview

[Note] Note

You can set the begin of the week in the options dialog (siehe Section 1.5, “Planning?).