JAST was programmed by Java 6 SE. The documentation was generated by DocBook. In order to use JAST the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) must be installed on your system. There are two versions of JAST: One have to be installed and another portable version can easily be unpacked from a ZIP archive. If you use the portable version the changes will be saved in a subfolder of the starting folder and no entries will be stored in the Windows registry if you run it on a Windows system.

The handbook is available in the formats PDF and HTML. You have to activate JavaScript in your webbrowser in oder to show correctly the HTML help.

If you want to use JAST it shall be at your own risk!

Beyond there are a web application which can use JAST compatible data bases. This application is called JAWS and the acronym stands for JAST Web Server. Further information about JAWS can be seen on the SourceForge project site (JAWS on SourceForge).

If you are interested in improving the application JAST and its documenation don't hesitate to contact me

JAST will no be developed further. I confine myself to fix reported bugs.