1.2. Data base

In oder to connect to the data base you have to set the following values (Figure 24, “Database settings?).

  • Driver: You specify the driver for the data base, for example com.mysql.jdbc.Driver for a MySQL data base.
  • Dialect: The dialect you are choosing here should fit the data base driver (for a MySQL data base in version 5 for example org.hibernate.dialect.MySQL5Dialect).
  • URL: You have to specifiy where the data base is available for example jdbc:mysql://localhost/db.
  • User: User of the data base that is used to login in.
  • Password: The password of the user. This password will be stored as clear text in the file database.properties.
  • Pool size: The pool size has by default the value 2.
  • Data Definition Language: If you store a product for the first time to the data base and all data base tables aren't created you can choose create. In all other cases you should use the option update.

Figure 24. Database settings

Database settings

The data base settings will be stored in the file database.properties in the configuration folder.