3.1. Tables

Tables can be coded with the pipe symbol (|) in JAST. In the table you can use the markup for bold text and program code. The program code can't contain any line breaks.

[Note] Note

You can't use tables in itemization environments and in tables itemizations aren't allowed, too.

Example 2. Table with two columns

The following source code will be converted to a table of the type longtable in LaTeX.

|Value1 |Value2 |

Table as LaTeX code:

Column1 & Column2\\\hline
Value1 & Value2\\\hline

By default the value of a column will be left aligned. You can change the alignment if you set the alignment explicitly. The alignment is valid until in another row a new alignment will be chosen. The string --- leads to left aligned text, :---: to centered text and ---: to right aligned text.

Example 3. Alignment of columns in tables

The following source code aligns the columns. In the first column the values Column 1 and 1 will be left aligned and 4 will be centered. In the second column the values Column 2 and 2 will be centered and the value 5 will be right aligned. In the third column the values Column 3 and 3 will be right aligned and 6 will be left aligned.

|---     |:---:   |---:    |        
|Column 1|Column 2|Column 3|
|1       |2       |3       |
|:---:   |---:    |---     |
|4       |5       |6       |

Table as LaTeX code:

\multicolumn{1}{|l|}{Column 1} & \multicolumn{1}{|c|}{Column 2} & 
  \multicolumn{1}{|r|}{Column 3}\\\hline
\multicolumn{1}{|l|}{1} & \multicolumn{1}{|c|}{2} & 
\multicolumn{1}{|c|}{4} & \multicolumn{1}{|r|}{5} &