1.1. Logs

Figure 23. Log settings

Log settings

In the tab Logging (Figure 23, “Log settings?) you can change the following values:

  • Logging level: You can choose between the levels ALL, TRACE, DEBUG, ERROR, FATAL, INFO and WARN. If you turn logging to OFF the logging will be deactivated.
  • Maximum file count: The maximum number of files the logger should create.
  • File size: The maximum size of a log file.
  • File name: The file name defines the name of the log file. You can use here a relative path, too.
  • File name pattern: If a log file has the size specified in File size the file will be closed and compressed to a ZIP archive. If you want to store more than one file you should use the place holder %i for the running number of the archive file.
  • Pattern: In this choice box you can choose between four predefined patterns for the logging.
[Note] Note

The log files won't be deleted automatically after terminating or restarting JAST. If you have for example a maximum file count of 10 and the file size specified to 1024 MB, log files will use up to 10 GB (ten files and each has the size of one GB).

The settings of Figure 23, “Log settings? will be stored in the file logback.xml. If you use the installed version of JAST the file is located in the sub folder jast/config of the user folder. If you use in contrast the portable version the file logback.xml is located in the sub folder config relative to the start folder of JAST.

The settings will be active since version 0.3.1 immediately in the file and console logging. A restart of the application isn't necessary anymore.