2. Data base operations

  • Download: A dialog will open in which you can choose the product.
  • Update: If the product isn't in the data base the product will be stored in the data base. If the data base exists already in the data base only the changed items will be updated. If you have deleted items from the product backlog the erasure won't be performed to the data base. In this case you have to store the product to the data base. A product is identified in the data base by its identifier (ID) and the chosen title. If you change the title and press Update the product will be stored with its new name in the data base.
  • Store: If you execute this command the product will be stored to the data base. If the data base has already existed in the data base it will be overwritten.
  • Remove: A dialog will appear and you can choose the data base you want to delete.
  • Schema generation: You can generate the schema file of the data definition language (DDL) of the corresponding data base management system. If you have no rights on the data base you can give the generated file to your data base administrator and ask him to import the file in the data base. And then the necessary tables will be available and you can use the data base with JAST.