1.1. Management

All members will be displayed in the table in the tab Team. The values of the columns Email address and Description are stored but aren't use in JAST at the moment. You can change the name of the team members. This change will update the assigned tasks.

Figure 3. Team management view

Team management view

If you want to insert a new member, click the button Add new member. In the table a new empty row will be inserted. If you want to delete a member you have to select him in the table and then click the button Delete member. You can select more than one member in the table if you press the Ctrl or the Shift key while selecting the row with the mouse button. All changes and deletions will be active immediately in the product backlog.

You can assign a color to each member. The assignment is used in the pinboard view (see Section 6, “Pinboard?) and in the diagram of the member velocity (see Section 6, “Member velocity?).

The passwords aren't stored in clear text. The passwords are combined with a so-called salt and the hash value of the salted password is stored. It is extremley unlikley that this value can be back counted in reasonable time. If an user has set a password you will see the value ******** otherwise the string <empty> will be displayed.

In the column Administrator you can determine if the user should have an adminstrator role in the web server application (JAWS).

[Important] Important

The login name has to be unique.