1. Gannt view

In the Gantt view you can choose between the time units Hour, Day, Week, Month and Year. If you choose the option Show sprint backlog items all tasks of the sprints will be displayed. If working units weren't tracked for the task the task duration is equals to the sprint duration. If you have tracked working units for the task the start date is the date of the first tracked working unit. The end date is the date of the last tracked working unit.

Figure 15. Planning an appointment

Planning an appointment

You can insert appointmens by clicking with the right mouse button in the calendar view. If you choose the menu item Add appointment in the context menu a dialog will open (see Figure 16, “Insert an appointment?).

Figure 16. Insert an appointment

Insert an appointment

You have to insert a title of the appointment, the beginning and the ending date. In the choice box Type you can choose between Holiday, Qualification, Business trip, Private, Other, Sprint planning 1, Sprint planning 2, Sprint review, Sprint retrospective and Daily Scrum. The description of the appointments is optional. If you insert a description it will be displayed as tool tip in the week overview.

If you choose the option Full-time appointment the time will be set automatically. The begin will be 00:00 and the end 23:59.

[Note] Note

If you insert the beginning date of an appointment and the option Full-time appointment is set, the ending date will be automatically set to the beginning date. This only works if the input field of the end date is empty.

In the Gantt chart non working days like Saturdays and Sundays will be displayed (see Section 1.5, “Planning?).

[Note] Note

If the title of the new appointment is empty and you change the type the type will be set as title.