2. Log console

If you choose in the menu bar OptionsLog console you can see the current logging items. If you select the button Clear the content of the logging console will be deleted.

Figure 32. Log console

Log console

If you select the text in the logging console you can copy it by pressing the short cut Ctrl+C to the clipboard. Then you can insert it in other applications. If you find bugs in JAST it is easier for me to find them if you give me the log file or the extract from the logging console.

In addition to the ouput in the logging console the output will be logged in a file. The maximum count of the log files, their size and the folder of the log files can be specified in the tab Logging in the dialog settings dialog (see Section 1.1, “Logs?).

[Note] Note

The logging console shows only the latest output and its output is limited to 64 KB.

[Important] Important

Log entries which results from data base access via Hibernate are shown from log leven WARN and higher. You can't change this setting via the GUI.