Which software do I need to run JAST?

In order to run JAST on your computer the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) must be installed. You can download, if you need it, here:


Which versions exist of JAST?

There are three versions of JAST available.

  • Installer

    This is a setup program for Microsoft Windows. The configuration files are stored in the user home directory of the current user in the folder jast

  • Portable

    This version consists of a zip archive file. This version is runnable under Linux, Unix and Windows. JAST searches for the configuration files in the user home directory. If you want JAST to load the configuration from the folder config you have to launch it in the following way:

    java -jar jast*.jar -portable

  • Windows Portable

    In this version the executable jar archive file is packed in an executable Windows file. Internaly the jar file will be launched with the parameter -portable set.


Which languages supports the Windows installer?

You can choose between German and English as installer language. You can choose if you want to download and install iReport. iReport can be used to adjust the including report templates in the folder resources/reports of the installation directory.


Which databases supports JAST?

Now JAST supports the following databases:

You don't need to install MySQL or PostgreSQL in order to test the database support of JAST. You can use the H2 database server. You can launch it by starting the file h2_launch.bat or via command line with the following command:

java -jar .\lib\h2*.jar

The H2 database can be administrated via the web browser.

You have to use Java 1.7 or lower in order to start the H2 database server.